Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Buna Ziua Everyone!!!!

(Heather here:  Thank you for your patience as I learn how to post Sora Rich's messages and photos!)

Yes, you heard correctly.
 I survived my first seven days in the MTC! I have already learned so much here. The language is hard, but it is coming. Taking three years of French really was a blessing!! There are 11 of us going to the Romania/Moldova Mission on July 6, eight sisters and three elders. Our whole district is sisters, which makes class super fun. My companion is Sora Cutler and she is like my total opposite but super awesome. Our branch is made up of three missions: Italy Rome, Italy Milan, and Romania/Moldova;  We speak Romanian to them, and they speak Italian to us. It's great. 
 For the fireside on Sunday and the devotional last night, we had two INCREDIBLE speakers. Janice Kapp Perry, who wrote a bunch of songs for the hymn book and children's song book, and D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I seriously wish Sister Perry would adopt me because she is so adorable. When she was telling the story of how she and her husband met, he got up and kissed her right in the middle of a sentence!! And then proceeded to do a double fist pump to the air while the MTC presidency looked on in shock and the whole place exploded. So hilarious. 
Everyone here says that if you can make it to Sunday, you can survive the MTC. Well, we made it and it was so good to not have to worry about shoving our heads full of Romanian for a couple seconds haha. Last night, Elder Christofferson spent his time speaking to us answering common questions from the mission field. It was amazing to be there and sing in the MTC choir!! Brother Eggett is awesome. I told my district that even if they don't sing, they have to go to choir practice because his stories are just the best. 

This week has just been so incredible!! I've learned more in the last seven days than in the last seven months, probably haha. I love it here, and I'm excited to learn as much as I can now so I can best love and serve the people in Romania!!!

Sorry I didn't have time to write much this week, there's no time to waste in the MTC, even on P-day haha. I miss you all so much, know that I am thinking of you always!!!

Cu drag, 

Sora Rich
The Drop-off.... So ready to get started!

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