Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First p-zi in the field!!!!! (Vaca sfanta, I'm in Chisinau) Safe and sound!

Allo, everyone!!!

So, the last week and a half has been absolutely insane, I'll try to cram the highlights in to this update! 

Early Monday morning we left the Provo MTC, and after a long day of traveling, we arrived in Bucharest on Tuesday at around 1pm local time. We got to meet up with a bunch of missionaries at Cișmigiu Gardens, the park where Elder Nelson dedicated Romania for missionary work, that came to Buch for transfer day. It was way cool to see both Elder Cressman and Sora Brinkman there! After staying at a hotel that night, we went on a run with President Ivory, his niece Meg who is staying there  for the next month, and all the new missionary trainers and new missionaries. Elder Cressman is training Elder Brown, which is super awesome!! It will be way cool to meet back up with everyone at the Brașov conference after being in different areas for a month. The whole mission is coming together and we are going to go on a hike and have dinner at a castle!! Super fun. 

It was blazing hot in Buch but Chisinau is a lot cooler ((((: My trainer is Sora Koth and she is absolutely awesome!!  She is amazing!! It's awesome to learn from her every single day. She's from Cincinatti, has an amazing voice, loves keeping the fridge stoked with Pepsi, and has been out for about 10 months- she knows the members here well and is stoked to teach me everything she knows! As a mission, we are trying to all teach the Restoration at least once every day. It's a good reminder for us to teach simply and in a way that is applicable to each individual, whether it's a member, an investigator, our companion, or someone random we meet on the bus. President Ivory challenged us to write down our own "Joseph Smith story", or why this gospel is so important to us and why we are serving in Romania. I think it will be helpful to share with people, especially since the church is so new here in Moldova!! We have one investigator right now, but we are hoping to find more people through the english classes we will start teaching this week.

Anyways, I am sitting in an internet cafe in Centru, Chisinau (key-she-no) and there are tons of Russian dudes here yelling at their online games haha it's way funny.  that's about all the time I have, but I am excited for what lies ahead here in Chisinau!! Thank you all for your prayers, and I hope you have an awesome week!!!!

Cu drag,

Sora Rich

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