Tuesday, August 4, 2015


chocolate bar as big as my scriptures!

making lunch

Moldovan Money

The view from Valea Morilor hill

Sister Koth and our friend Anastasia
Allo everyone!!!

So, this week was absolutely the most difficult but most rewarding weeks yet. We started it off with an adventure with our investigator, Anastasia, up Valea Morilor hill. We compared the difficult, but beautiful, journey to our journey through life. Even though we sometimes get lost, and it's hard to see the point of it all, we eventually make it to a beautiful view!! Plus, we always have people to help us along the way. It was way cool to help her see that connection, and to finally have a chance to use my hammock!! The first thing I said to my trainer, Sora Koth, when I found out we were going to be companions for my first two transfers here was, "Don't worry, I brought a hammock." Haha it has turned out to be a weird but awesome blessing!! This week, one of the senior couples here, Elder and Sora Flanders, went home. We had several activities and get togethers to say good bye to them, all including massive amounts of FOOD. Somehow, I never had my camera on me when these events were happening, but I promise the food was amazing. 
With our english classes this week, we decided to try something new to see if we could start meeting with more of them one on one. We kind of stole the idea from a couple of the elders, but we made a sign up sheet for our Beginner Plus and Medium classes. After our lesson and spiritual thought, we invited them to sign up for 30/30's (half english, half about what we talk about in our spiritual thoughts) or for a discussion about the spiritual thoughts in english, translated into Romanian. From our four classes this week, we had over 20 people sign up!!! It was absolutely incredible. We have 10 lessons set up for this week, and we gave a bunch of referrals to the elders for them to start meeting with some of our students as well. It was a huge payoff after all the time and planning we've put into these classes for the past few weeks!
Our district leader, Elder Chapman, thought it would be a good idea for our district to have a gratitude fast this past Sunday. Earlier in the transfer, we had fasted together for success, and we are now starting to see the results! In gratitude for the help and guidance we've received thus far, we decided to not ask for anything while we fasted, but just to be grateful for what we have. I have learned that the more we are grateful, the more the Lord is willing to bless us!!
I'm sorry I don't have much more time to write, but I also just wanted to thank all of you who have been writing me every week. It's so nice to hear how you're all doing and what fun adventures you're having and what miracles you're seeing every day! I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!!

Cu mult drag,
Sora Rich

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