Friday, August 21, 2015


Allo everyone!!!!!

Apologies in advance, this is going to be a quick update. But to start, I just want to say WOW. Even Sora Koth said that this week we had more lessons with English students than she ever has on her entire mission. So insane!! We have been running around teaching one on one lessons with people, as well as getting to know some really cool people. Three of the girls we taught this week that were especially awesome were Cristina and Rodica- I'll let you know more about them next week (hopefully haha). Being so busy with lessons and teaching English, it was really good to take a second to breathe today- we had a mini surprise party for Elder Johnson- who turned 20 today!! Sora Koth's birthday is next Monday, and all of the missionaries in Romania and Moldova will be in Brașov together!!! Because of the craziness of this huge mission conference, the next time we email will be next Wednesday. Anyways, a couple awesome things that happened this week... I made it a goal to talk to at least one person on the bus everyday, no matter what. We were getting home really late one night, and I still hadn't talked to someone, so Sora Koth and I split up to talk to people. I said a quick little prayer that I would find someone nice to talk to, and this cute girl sat down next to me. I just straight up started a converstation with her, which confused her at first, but she opened up super fast. I told her that I am trying to learn Romanian, and shes trying to learn English, so we talked to each other in English and Romanian and just had a grand old time! This cute girl, Elena, was so into the conversation that she almost missed her stop- she realized it at the last second, jumped off the bus, and face planted onto the curb. The doors closed after her before I could even let my jaw drop, and the bus pulled away from the stop- I have no idea what happened to her, but she has our number, so hopefully she gives us a call this week!! Despite everything being so crazy busy and stressful, I've realized this week that taking the time to see people as individuals, as children of God, and as friends, brings us all a lot closer together. Even if its just a random person on the bus, you never know who's day you could make by starting a conversation, or even just smiling! One of my favorite things our district leader, Elder Chapman told us was this, 

Don't ever be a wall-Be a window through which the Light of Christ can shine.

I know that if we do this, we will brighten the lives of those around us, and even feel brighter ourselves!! I hope you all have a great week, and I'll talk to you next Wednesday, post-Brașov!!!!!

Cu mult drag, 

Sora Rich
birthday cake!

beautiful handwork

riding the bus


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