Saturday, December 26, 2015

Conferinta Generala// Viata e очень хорошо

Buna world!!!

First off, a disclaimer. My Romanglish has gotten more jumbled than ever, so much that it is now also jumbled with Russian! The subject of this letter: General Conference and life is super good (very good = очень хорошо in Russian, pronounced otchen harasho)!

Second of all, birthday shoutouts this week to sora mea Haley, Keaton, Zak, and Elder Tita (in the Chisinau Russian branch)!! La multi ani!!!! (((:

I had a crazy thought earlier this week, and that is that after this transfer with Sora Seare, a third of my mission will already be over!! Really hard to believe. But, these six weeks with Sora Seare are going to be amazing! She sings like an angel, gives really great hugs, and is from the little town in Idaho where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed! Yes indeed, it is going to be a dope transfer. 

This weekend we had the awesome opportunity to watch General Conference, (partly in Romanian, partly in English) and the messages were all powerful and personal. The theme that especially stood out to me was "discipleship as a journey, not as a destination." We are all trying our best to follow the Savior's example more perfectly, and the only way to do that is to just keep moving onward and upward. We have all the tools we need to become better people, we just have to use them! Super cool to also see three new apostles called to the Quorum of the Twelve; I know that the Lord will qualify those that he has called to lead the church, just as he has qualified those of us serving in various other callings.

I have found that the secrets to successful missionary work here in Chisinau are 1) The Book of Mormon and 2) brownies! 

So many of the people we are teaching have seen positive changes come into their lives as a result of the BOM, namely Elena, Marina, Eliza, and Mary. In the wise words of Molly Parsons, "I'm so thankful for all those throughout history who have written, carried, protected, supported, translated, printed, and did all else (such as fighting for our liberties) so that I can have the book sitting on my bed waiting for me each day to read it.  We are so blessed!" 

Also, Sora Seare and I were going through our area book this week and found the address of a woman in the branch (named Zena) that we didn't recognize, so we went out and tried to find her! We traveled nearly an hour (brownies in hand), until we got to the bloc (apartment building) we had written down. We were hopeful that she would answer, not even sure that she even still lived there, but she welcomed us right in! Although she hasn't been to church since her husband died two years ago, she confided in us that she wants more than anything to come back, but that it will take her time. What better way to start on her path back to church with a bag of homemade brownies?? Sometimes the only thing we can do is let people know how much they are loved, and that is enough!

Hoping that this week holds in store great things for you all, make it очень хорошо!!!

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich

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