Saturday, December 26, 2015

Crăciun Fericit!!!!!!!! Dec 21

Allo everyone!

This week has been one of many adventures, I don't even know where to start haha!

Well, Sora Nichols, Sora Armstrong and I are now in a trio, and we are hardcore missing Sora Black who flew home yesterday (shoutout to one of the greatest missionaries ever). With our companionships now combined, we are making an attempt to meet with twice the amount of people this week. Also, I had to move all of my stuff into the other sister's apartment, so I'm living out of my suitcases right now haha. Just temporary craziness until Sora Nichols' and Sora Armstrongs' new companions come up to Chisinau, and I leave here. But what's really cool is that we went over to Sevghi's house last night (one of the YSA who is thinking about submitting her mission papers next summer) and we asked her how she liked going on exchange with Sora Armstrong and Sora  Black a couple weeks ago; she said she loved it, and we got the brilliant idea to ask President Ivory if she could do a mini mission with Sora Armstrong this week. He said yes, so we are working on figuring out all the details. Super dope! It's perfect timing, because she just got out of school, and doesn't have family in the city to spend Christmas with. So she will get to spend Christmas as a missionary!

We are most excited for the people that we met with this week, especially Carina. She came to church yesterday, and is basically already a member. It's so cool to watch her interact with other people in the branch and just share light with everyone. She is amazing, and I'm really going to miss her. But she is definitely getting baptized in the near future!

Yesterday, we had a chance to go visit one of our english students, Cristina. She lives a bit latara, a little town called Romanesti. She is one of the coolest people ever!! She lived on her own starting at age 13, got married at 19, has 2 daughters, and is learning english like a pro. She has had to learn to do a lot of things on her own, but she has the drive to make her life what she wants it to be, and she works very hard to be a good person and a good mom. She started coming to english a few months ago, and took a Book of Mormon when Elder Reed and Kennedy talked about it in their class. She hasn't started reading it yet, but when we talked to her about it yesterday, how it answers all of life's most soul-searching questions, she is excited to start. 

Random side note about our visit with Cristina- she told us about this guy in Romanesti, Mr. Strativ, who gives music, art, and woodcarving lessons to kids in the town, basically for free. He started teaching her daughters to play piano and paint, and he does it without asking for anything in return, but she pays him every week as a thank you. Sora Armstrong thinks there should be a movie made about him, and I agree haha. 

With Christmas right around the corner, I am feeling such an outpouring and love and gratitude for this time to serve. It is the hardest but best time to be a missionary; yeah, we're away from our families for the holidays, but we get to tell people about how they can be with their families not only for the holidays, but for eternity.. how cool is that?? As I have read the christmas story in both the New Testament and Book of Mormon, I have also felt especially close to our Savior, Jesus Christ. "El s-a nascut pentru ca noi sa putem sa ne nastem din nou." (He was born so that we can be born again). I know that that's true, and I feel it every single day out here. I am so grateful for all that he did, all that he is, all that he has shown us we can become. I know that as we focus on how far we've come, and where we have the potential to go, anything is possible. 

I love you all and hope you have the best Christmas yet!

Cu drag,

Sora Rich

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