Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Moldovan Independence Day//Romanian Language Day!!!!

Allo, everyone!!!              Aug 31

     And yes, you read that right: Felicitări pentru Ziua Independenței și Limba Noastră!!!! Today is Romanian Language Day, and last Thursday was Independence Day! 
     Lots of fun stuff is happening in Centru for the holidays, which has been great for us to go english contacting. We've had a two week pause from our english classes, but we've still been busy getting the word out about the fact that we teach english for free with a new poster//sticker campaign all over Chisinau! (As well as doing something in the big crowds down in Centru Sora Koth likes to call "Poftiţi the world" haha. We dive into a crowd of people with a stack of English cards, and go up to everyone: "Poftiţi, Poftiţi, Poftiţi, Poftiţi"... it's super fun!! Not everyone takes the cards, but almost all of them smile, so that's a good sign haha. 
     As well as getting everyone excited about English, we're keeping everybody pumped about the Book of Mormon challenge!! We had a combined branch activity on Friday, where we planned on making personalized Books of Mormons and playing BOM jeopardy with the Romanian and Russian members. 10 minutes before the activity was scheduled to start however, we realized that we had more than twice as many investigators than members haha. We all scrambled to find a back up plan that would be better for non-members, but ended up going through with our original plan- we just paired our investigators up with a few missionaries and a member for jeopardy, and it was awesome!! After the game, a few people shared their favorite scriptures from the BOM and their testimonies- and of course we also had food haha. Everything worked out somehow, which was somewhat of a miracle! Another part of Friday's miracle: there's a lady that works on one of the #10 trolley buses here, and missionaries have been talking to her ever since Fratele Simmons was here in Chisinau (one of the MTC teachers who served here 3 years ago). I was on an exchange with Sora Seare, and we started talking to her on our way to the store. She just straight up asked us if we ever had activities at the church, and if so, she wanted her daughters to come. We happily informed her that we had an activity that night, and that her daughters were more than welcome! We couldn't believe it, but they ended up coming and LOVED IT. The other soras are going to start meeting with them this week!
     This Book of Mormon challenge has been a huge blessing for Sora Koth and I with the language- we are reading it out loud together in Romanian! It's so cool to see the difference that it's made in my accent and retention of new vocabulary words. I've also loved sitting down and highlighting all the promised blessings the BOM contains- I know that as we are true to the things we know are true, we will see miracles happening all around us!
     I hope you all have a great week!!!! Sending you all love from Eastern Europe, 

          Sora Rich

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