Monday, December 28, 2015

La multi ani!!!!! Dec 28

Allo everyone, Happy New Year!!

Here in Moldova, people are gearing up for Anul Nou (New Year's) and Russian Christmas on the 7th; the party never really stops!

I found out on Saturday that the next area I will be serving in is the Panduri Branch in Bucuresti, Romania, with Sora Green!!! I could not be more thrilled. We always said in the MTC that we would be companions someday, I guess it was really meant to happen haha. 

The last few days have been absolutely insane, trying to meet with everyone one last time before I leave; still don't think I know how to say goodbye to people, I always end up saying, "I'll find a reason to come back, this isn't the end!" (Hint hint Sarah, we need to go backpacking in Moldova for sure now). I am so grateful for all the incredible people and experiences I've had here in Chisinau, and so excited to fall in love all over again with new people, a new city, and a new country!

Wouldn't be a missionary in the Romania/Moldova Mission without leaving you with the invitation to set some dope goals for 2016!! (Vision+Goals+Plans+Work=Success)

Also attaching an awesome Christmas story President Ivory sent us today: "One year ago on the 1st Sundayof 2016 we heard an amazing testimony by a brother in Panduri. Sister Ivory felt like his story captured the essence of the season and we wanted to share the Fable she has written with you."

Remember that the Christmas spirit is something not only for December (or January if you live in Moldova) but for all year round! I love you all, have a great week!

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich

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