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People, Places, and Things.. but mostly people!!! Aug 24th, 2015

Allo everyone!!!

     It seems like this will probably be my first line of every email I send, but.. you guessed it. I've only got a few minutes to write today. BUT- happy first day back to school, for everyone in Vegas!! Also, shoutout to the Robertsons and Sora Hoer for the letters this week, you guys are the bomb!
     Going into my second week of my second transfer here in Chisinau, I'm excited to report that my district this transfer is just as cool as last transfer!! One of the elders, Elder Tita, is a native Romanian (from Bucharest) and has been helping me a ton with the language. With the Book of Mormon challenge from President Ivory, we have been told to never give anyone a BOM without first writing our testimonies for the benefit of the person we are giving it to. Elder Tita has been making sure I don't make any horrible mistakes when writing my testimony for people in Romanian!! Haha it is so helpful. Also, update on the language: everyone says that I am speaking really well, (not sure how true that is) but I am so grateful for the help of my trainer Sora Koth everyday with SYL as well as all the wonderful members here that are always willing to help me figure out how to say things. I hope that when I'm done being trained a month from now, I'll be able to somewhat stand on my own feet with Romanian, as well as a lil' bit of Russian. 
     This week, we have a break from our English classes to revamp the program,get the word out about our courses, and have an online sign up on facebook to gauge how many people will be coming to each class. Honestly, with this break from our teaching beginner + and medium english six hours a week, we don't know what to do with ourselves haha. For the most part, we are using this extra time to get our friends excited about the Book of Mormon challenge!! We have already seen a lot of miracles from it, and know that we will continue to see miracles as we strive to be united in this! For any one that has been thinking about it, it's never to late to start!!! (The chapters for today, if you are doing it, are 1 Nephi 15-16) (: I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!!

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich

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