Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tis the Season!!!! Dec 7

Allo all!

To the few and faithful that are still reading these emails, it's going to be a short one this week.

First of all, Carina is still doing absolutely fabulous. Sora Armstrong and I had a lesson with her on exchange Friday with Ines Bezede, and Sora Nichols and I just met with her this afternoon. She loved being able to ask Ines questions about her recent baptism, and feeling like she's really not alone in this. We also invited her to start praying about a baptismal date. When we talked to her today, she said that she talked to her parents about her decision to be baptized, and they're not against it at all. They can see the difference that it's made in her life, and how happy it has made her. Carina even shared The Book of Mormon with her grandma, and she read the whole thing! It's so cool to see that all the things she has learned in the last few months have also begun to impact her relationships with her family and friends, and have overall changed her attitude about life. She not only wants to be baptized to start on the path that leads back to Heavenly Father, but also to be an example to all those around her. She is still praying about a specific date, and we are excited to find out what day that is!

I studied a lot this week about the love of God spoken of throughout the scriptures, especially in (1 Nephi 11). I know that all that we want out of this life- happiness, improvement, knowledge, understanding, eternal connections- can all be achieved with love. If we do all that we do with "a love of God and for all men", there isn't much else that matters. When we think less about ourselves, and more about how we can serve better, improve more, understand more deeply.. we LOVE more. And we love the experience more as well. I know that especially during this Christmas season, this is so so important. I hope that as we go throughout this Christmas season, we can keep the spirit of Christmas at the center of all we do!!

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich


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