Saturday, December 26, 2015

Yes, Moldova is a real country (((:

Allo, everyone!!!              Sep 7

And yes, sassy title today haha. A person whose name shall remain anonymous said that Moldova sounds too Disney to be real, but I promise it's real!!! And I'm loving every second of it here. 
English classes started back up again this week, and Sora Koth and I are making even more new friends and strengthening our relationships with our old students! They are all so eager to learn, which makes it easy for us to be eager and energized to teach them!
We had fewer than usual lessons this week, but they were all super good! One of them was with the Mission Leader of the Chisinau Romanian branch and his family (the Covalis), with whom we shared a General Conference talk called "We Are Doing a Great Work and Cannot Come Down". It was awesome to encourage them in all that they are doing to strengthen the members here, and be reminded that the gospel is true no matter where you go! (Anna Hoer, if you're reading this, Mariana Covali served her mission in Colorado as well, but in Denver!!)
I don't have much time to write, but I encourage everyone that is doing the BOM challenge to stick with it!! And if you have a chance, shoot me an email with one of your favorite verses you read this week. I have already seen the power of the Book of Mormon in changing people's lives in the best way possible, and I'm excited to see what more the Lord has in store for the people here in Chisinau!!! Hope you all have a fantastic week,

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich
(P.s. if you're keeping up with the challenge, the reading for today is Jacob 5 (((: )


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