Monday, October 10, 2016

Just Enjoy Every Day

Aug 28, 2016
Allo tuturor!!

It's hard to believe this first transfer with Sora Gubar has already come to an end, but I'm convinced that we managed to cover six weeks of adventures in three and a half weeks! Although we've have had some hard lessons learned, I'm so grateful for every single day that I have to learn from her and from the people we meet and the experiences we have. She is a great support to me as I struggle with the fact that I am not a perfect trainer or a perfect missionary- her motto is "just enjoy every day". Through all the adventures and misadventures, we definitely find ways to do that!

The highlight of the week was meeting with a new friend named Irina we met music contacting. She sat us down in a cafe on Wednesday night and told us to tell us everything about our church! She's at the crossroads in her life, with a two year old son and the possibility of moving to Bucharest soon; but she told us that as long as she's here in Iasi, she wants to meet with us and learn more about our church and what makes us different. She is so open and obviously searching for something more. It's been a long time since I've met and taught someone like her, truly an answer to our prayers! We are excited to teach her the full Restoration this week and invite her to see President Uchtdorf speak!

What an amazing opportunity we have to share this invitation with all of our member, less-active, and investigator friends. We've been using one of President Uchtdorf's talks from last conference to get everyone stoked for his visit next week. One interesting experience that came from this was going to visit an elderly inactive couple, Maria and Traian Podaru. They're such an interesting pair. I'm confident that if it weren't for her husband, Maria would be 100% active, which is pretty sad and frustrating. A few years ago,Traian got offended by another member, lost his faith, and is now against even just Maria going on Sundays. But the cool thing is, despite all of that, she is strong and faithful. Maria read the Uchtdorf talk we gave her, and was excited to talk about it. She also showed us a book she had compiled of hymn lyrics she had been inspired to write while taking care of her grand-kids. We hope that by continuing to visit them, Traian will start to soften up and at least let his wife be active in the church again!

Speaking of church, Sora Gubar gave her first talk in church yesterday about virtue- she is killing it with Romanian! Sora Stoica surprised us after church by inviting us over for lunch- we sat with her and talked about everything from her dream she had about President Ivory visiting her house to the power of righteous desire and sacrifice. She is the coolest person ever!! It was the funniest thing getting to know the new group of BYU girls in relief society with her and Sora Genoveva; she started proudly talking about her son Radu, the branch president here and said, "e tanar, are 24 de ani, a slujit in misiune, si e casatorit." (he's young, 24, an RM, and married). Sora Genoveva quickly confirmed, "da, e casatorit!" (yes, he's married!) It was hilarious. I love the members in the branch here, and I'm grateful for their strong testimonies and examples!

Thank you all for your love and prayers, all is swell here in Iasi! Spor la school, Las Vegans :)))

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich

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