Monday, October 10, 2016

Sept 26, 2016
Buna tuturor!!

For those of you who haven't yet heard, there was an earthquake in Romania on Friday- we woke up around 2 am here in Iasi (it was about a 5.3), but it didn't do any more damage than a little bit of freaking out and some lost sleep. But Sora Gubar and I are now doing just swell!

We started this week off by going up to a monastary by our house with our friend Lucian! Part of the adventure was finding a couple abandoned puppies at the side of the road along the way, and helping them find a home. The short amount of time they were in our care was an excellent reminder that missions are preparing us for all sorts of things, including parenting! Even though I'm still training Sora Gubar, watching her take care of them made me realize she's going to be a great trainer (and mom) someday. She's awesome!!

Getting to meet with our favorite people is always the highlight:

Our lesson on the Book of Mormon with Adrian and Florentina was awesome. They've been having a hard time understanding everything they read, so we gave them a picture BOM to go along with their reading. Ever since meeting with Radu and Dominika last week, they are showing real desire to learn and gain a testimony- it's super cool!
Maria and Traian Podaru, the inactive couple we're working with, are making small steps as well. The first time we went over there, Traian said he would never come back to church. Yesterday, after sitting in on our spiritual thought for the first time, he said he'll come back to church when the time is right. We are so stoked!! We love visiting them. After every time we're over there and waiting at the bus stop across from their block, Traian peaks his head out the window and waves. I will never forget his free spirit and Maria's patience and love for him!!
After teaching english on Saturday, one of our students, Adrian, randomly came up to us and asked us where he could get a Book of Mormon. It was super cool because he's one of the people in the class always smiling during our spiritual thoughts. We are excited for him to read the Book of Mormon and discover for himself why we're always so happy! 

I love the people here in Iasi, and am grateful every day for their hearts and their desire to do good. They are teaching me what it means to be brave, to gain a testimony, to have patience, and to find a reason be happy every day! 

All the best for the coming week!

Cu drag,

Sora Rich

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