Monday, October 10, 2016

The drought ends when you pray for rain

Sept 19 2016
Buna tuturor!

Friendly weather update from Romanians here in Iasi: seasons no longer exist. We have jumped straight from summer into fall with a big rainstorm, and Sora Gubar and I have no complaints saying goodbye to sweaty buses and hello to cardigans. 

This week was a testimony to me of the incredible impact one prayerful individual can make. After returning from Bucharest and at the instruction from President Uchtdorf, our 24 year old branch president is calling us and the members to step up and work together, something that is definitely needed here to get missionary work to another level. He challenged us to have a member at every lesson, to focus on teaching as often as possible, and to leave the majority of finding new investigators up to the members. We made a lot of bold commitments to follow through on these things, and hope that we can see some cool things happen with the members' help!

Now for just a few of the miraculous people we've been lucky enough to meet with:

We are excited to continue helping our friend Paula as she prays about baptism, and are grateful for the support of Sora Padure in teaching her. We just taught her the Plan of Salvation, and was really touched to know that she can be with her family forever, including those that have passed on and her family that is still with her. But, she's struggling with having to give up smoking in order to get baptized. Pray for her to have the strength to quit!! She is such an awesome lady. 

We are also excited to be teaching a less-active member and her boyfriend (Florentina and Adrian) as they prepare to get married; after weeks of running into them all over the city, they called us up last week (finally) and said they want to learn more about coming closer to God! They understood the message of the Restoration for the first time this week, and are now reading the Book of Mormon together. We are so excited for them!

I wish I could write more about all these awesome people and everything I'm learning from them, but that will have to do for now. Thank you as always for your love and prayers!! Sa aveti o saptamana minunata!!

Cu drag,

Sora Richt

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