Monday, October 10, 2016

The Mission Boom

Sept 12, 2016

Mission Conference Pics (aka Mission Family Reunion :)))

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 Buna tuturor!

I know you're all wondering how it was to have President Uchtdorf visit.. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! 
I honestly don't think there's any other way to sum it all up, but getting to shake his hand and talk to him, sing Savior, Redeemer of My Soul with Sora Green and Sora Stanley again, and receive answers to questions I've been praying about for a while were some of the highlights.

He encouraged us all, members and missionaries, to do three things:

1. Focus on the core of the gospel 
-the Plan of Salvation is the core, and we should use it to help our friends see with their hearts 
-CTR=choose the right=current temple recommend
2. Walk with humility and confidence
-be grateful, recognizing where the blessings and success come from, and use the talents/abilities/challenges you've been given to bless the lives of others
3. Use the power of prayer
-when we pray, we are more than just blessing the food or thanking God for a blessing we have received. If we draw close to Him and communicate with Him, conversing and opening our hearts, not just to share, but also to listen, He will teach us.

One of my favorite things about getting ready for this conference was going up to people on the street and asking them, "have you heard of a German pilot named Dieter F. Uchtdorf who is an apostle of Jesus Christ?" We got some pretty strange looks at times, but getting to share how our church calls on ordinary people to take part in the Lord's extraordinary work was super cool! It was also amazing to be reunited at mission conference with friends and past companions, and to finally visit the famous Peles Castle every Romanian has been telling me to visit since I've gotten here! 

Mission conference was amazing, but it's so great to be back in Iasi! We came back inspired and uplifted, and have already seen miracles happen since returning. One of our friends, an 18 year old named Vlad who we met after he asked us about the Book of Mormon at a bus stop, reminded us yesterday of the power of prayer. He thought he was going to have to sleep on the street after getting kicked out by his aunt, but we prayed with him and she ended up letting him stay! We also met a super cool lady block-knocking that happily accepted our invitation to read the Book of Mormon- Sora Gubar got to give her a copy with her testimony in it! We're excited to meet with her again!!

Still on a spiritual high from this past week, I hope this update carries you through whatever lies ahead this week! 

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich

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