Monday, October 10, 2016

"You have even two more, I do not want to even speak about this" -Sora Gubar

Aug 22, 2016
Buna tuturor!

Every week I sit down to write, I feel like there's always so much more that I'd like to say and share with than there is time or attention span- long distance relationships must be a constant struggle!

President Ivory told me last week that I will change Sora Gubar's life- not to my surprise, she has already begun to change mine. Setting goals with her last night for this the last week of her first transfer, I couldn't help but just feel so stoked to go out to find and teach the ones behind those numbers. She has so much excitement for this work , and so much trust in the Lord that whatever happens is what is supposed to happen. I'm so blessed to be inspired by her positivity every single day. 

Meeting in Radu and Dominika's new little apartment with Elena and Sanziana, two friends from our english class, was amazing. Elena has met with the sisters before, and already has a testimony of prayer and the importance of a relationship with God. Sanziana on the other hand, before we had this lesson, had almost given up on ever having a relationship with God (her biggest challenge right now is that she doesn't have strong relationships with any of her family). We talked about how even though it's hard, we can be grateful for the many blessings we do have. It was so cool to watch her countenance change after hearing Elena's experience with an answered prayer and the testimonies of Sora Gubar and Dominika about prayer and gratitude. Truly, if we are ever scared or feel like we don't have anything to say when we pray or aren't sure if God is really listening, we can start by thanking Him. He is ALWAYS listening! 

We had one of the coolest bloc-knocking experiences of my mission Wednesday night- a dad and his daughter opened their home to us after asking them some survey questions, and we taught them a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. We were super stoked to go over on Saturday and teach them the rest of it, but he called the day before and told us his wife "has something else in mind" and that it would be best if we didn't bother them again. At first I was really upset, because I knew that this guy was really interested and it was just his wife that was holding him back from meeting with us, but Sora Gubar (as the little ray of sunshine she always is) reminded me that God has His plan and timing, and that they will have a chance to hear about it someday as a family. 

I'm so grateful for the ever present reminder of the importance of agency in missionary work. We are just here inviting and helping as many people as we can, and it's up to them to the accept our invitations and decide if they want to be helped. I'm grateful for the knowledge that people truly can change through Jesus Christ and his Atonement, and to be able to go out and share that every day!

Cu mult drag,

Sora Rich

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